Release Notes: Page Transactions to Microservice APIs

We are excited to announce a major feature release that significantly enhances our transaction process. With this update, we have successfully converted ROR page transactions to Microservice APIs, resulting in improved functionality, enhanced security, and seamless integration. Let’s explore the key features included in this release:

About This Release

New APIs for V1 Page Donations:
We have developed two APIs specifically designed for V1 page donations, replacing the previous ROR page donations. These APIs are:

  1. /donationPage/{coverUid}/donor_to_pay_fee:
    This POST API fetches page data related to the donor-to-pay fee. It provides the necessary information to calculate the amount the donor must pay.
  2. /donationPage/covers/{coverUid}/contribute:
    This GET API fetches page data for the contribution process. It enables users to view and interact with the donation page.

Responses and Implementation:
The responses generated by these new APIs are similar to the ones we previously received with ROR. However, the key difference lies in the underlying technology. The page donations now pass through the V1 API, which is built on a microservice architecture. This implementation enhances performance, scalability, and overall efficiency. Additionally, we have enabled a secure gateway to provide advanced network protection. The secure gateway inspects web requests against company policies, ensuring that malicious applications and websites are blocked and inaccessible.

Thank You Page URL Functionality:
We are pleased to announce that we have implemented the Thank You Page URL functionality with the V1 API. This feature is available for both old and new page templates. With the Thank You Page URL functionality, users can redirect customers to a customized thank you page after their transaction is successfully processed. It enhances user experience and allows organizations to express their gratitude to customers in a personalized manner.

reCAPTCHA Integration:
To enhance security and prevent spam and abuse, we have integrated reCAPTCHA with the V1 API. reCAPTCHA is a powerful tool that distinguishes between human and automated website access. By implementing reCAPTCHA, we ensure a safer and more reliable transaction process, protecting both customers and merchants.

We believe that these new features and enhancements will significantly improve the transaction experience, providing a seamless and secure platform for users. We encourage you to explore the updated transaction process and leverage the benefits of the Microservice APIs.

Thank you for your continued support and valuable feedback. We remain committed to delivering exceptional experiences and continuously improving our platform.

Best regards,
Derek Belfield
Chief Operating Officer, RallyPay



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