Derek Belfield

Derek Belfield is a best-selling author and the COO at RallyPay, a payment processing company on behalf of political campaigns, non-profits, and crowdfunding efforts. RallyPay’s unique omnichannel approach increases conversion up to 300%, a 15-20% increase in telemarketing prepay, and a 15% upsell rate. Previously, Derek was a Staff Sergeant in the Marine Corps. He graduated with honors from American Military University with a degree in Intelligence Studies. He’s currently pursuing his Master of Business Administration degree from Southern Methodist University

Payment Processing

I. Introduction In the fast-paced digital world of the twenty-first century, payment processing has become indispensable to daily life. Whether you are purchasing at a grocery store, donating to a charity, or paying for a service online, payment processing is the method by which these transactions are accomplished. Yet, what is payment processing, and why …

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RallyPay Newsletter July 15, 2020

Like all businesses, COVID-19 has affected the payment processing industry. The CDC has recommended to business owners of various industries to minimize handling cash, credit cards, and mobile devices, where possible. These recommendations push society further toward a cashless society as details about COVID-19 and how it’s transmitted and what kind of half-life the virus has remained unclear.