Contact Centers

Contact centers and direct marketers use a plethora of tools and strategies to optimize conversion, but their payment technology is decades old. RallyPay’s bleeding-edge technology increases a contact center or direct marketer’s conversion rates. With RallyPay, your donors and customers can pay with a simple ‘Yes’ – no fishing for credit cards or waiting to see if what pledges are fulfilled.

RallyPay peacefully coexists with your existing technology and has integrated into dozens of major contact centers and organizations. RallyPay makes the contact center a source of data for their clients and our peer-to-peer and SMS tools give contact centers new tools to generate value for their clients.  With RallyPay, you can create a competitive moat among your clients – contact us to learn more!


Easy to use - start fundraising free today!

No hidden fees, RallyPay only makes money if you do!

Increase donation conversion up to 300%

Increase in fulfilled pledges

Increase recurring gifts/sales

60% higher credit-to-check ratio

Don’t give away data: RallyPay returns dozens of data points to make your data more valuable and increases list conversion

Turn pledges into contributions faster

Take your entire call center out of PCI scope

Patent pending SMS payment tech

Customized reporting

Manage all your clients in one dashboard

All card brands and ACH accepted

Completely PCI compliant

Increase recurring gifts/sales

Rev-Share Compatible! Don't wait when your organization gets paid out of proceeds

6.5 Million Easy-Verify Credit Cards updated regularly with credit card companies

Accept payments via phone portal, mail, text, online, in-person or mobile – without being a technology expert!

Easy integration with your existing software, CRM, or compliance system

Manage access permissions for partners, clients, venders, and team members

Payment Management - Robust backend easily allows you to refund donations, as well as manage recurring donations

6.5 Million Easy-Verify Credit Cards updated regularly with credit card companies (so they don't expire)

Real-time or 'Batch' processing and tokenization (credit card saving)

No more remembering reading off your credit card over the phone every time... RALLYPAY can and will make all of those payments simple, streamlined and most importantly SECURE.

Competitive rates to ease transition of clients using competitive processors

RallyPay will work with you

To deliver rates your clients are as excited about RallyPay as your sales team or become a RallyPay partner – where we both earn when your client does! ​