Patch Notes: Client Admin Invite Bug Fix

We are pleased to announce that we have significantly improved our system’s user experience. Previously, some users were experiencing issues when receiving an invitation link to become a Client Admin while already logged in to their account. The error message “Something went wrong” would appear when they clicked on the invitation link.

About this Patch

We have identified that this issue was caused by the session timeout, which was set to 30 minutes. To reduce friction and provide a smoother experience, we have increased the session timeout to 2 hours. This will ensure that users can click on the invitation link and become a cause admin without experiencing any errors.

Moreover, we are continuously working on enhancing the user experience and are currently implementing a session timeout message to notify users when their session is about to expire. This message will also redirect them to the login page, where they can log in again and continue their activity.

We believe that this change will significantly improve the user experience and streamline the process of becoming a Client Admin. We thank you for your continued support and feedback, which has allowed us to make this improvement.

Best regards,

Derek Belfield
Chief Operating Officer, RallyPay



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