Release Notes: Integration Tab Refresh

We are thrilled to announce a significant feature release, introducing the all-new Integrations tab. This update revolutionizes how clients can connect and integrate with various services, streamlining processes and enhancing functionality. Let’s dive into the three main functionalities of the Integrations tab: API Keys, Webhooks, and Third-Party Services.

Key Features and Enhancements

API Keys

The API Keys feature empowers clients to request and manage different permissions, with platform admins having access to approve these requests. Here are the available requests:

  1. API Access: RallyPay requires approval before accepting incoming API calls. Clients can click the Request button to initiate the approval process from the admin.
  2. Digital Token Co-Op/Token Bank: By clicking the Request button, clients can request access to RallyPay’s token bank. Once approved, the tokens will be available to other members of the token co-op, enabling seamless token sharing.
  3. Tele-Token Transactions: This feature is specifically designed for telemarketing purposes. It interfaces with RallyPay’s token bank, facilitating verification and transaction processing for telemarketing campaigns.
  4. Batch Processing: This request can be found in the Financial section under the Settings tab. It provides clients with an interface for bulk uploading large files for efficient transaction processing.
  5. ACH Processing: Also located in the Financial section under the Settings tab, this request allows clients to collect funds using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network, simplifying payment collection.

Clients can authenticate API requests using the Standard Key. The options to Show Token and Hide Token provide control over the visibility of the key. Additionally, clients can access the RallyPay V2 API documentation by clicking the “View Documentation” hyperlink.


Webhooks enable clients to receive automated messages from apps when specific events occur. The Webhooks feature allows clients to add new webhooks by providing details such as the Webhook URL, selecting relevant pages, and defining trigger events like data pushing for created transactions or refunds.

For Notifications, clients can enter an email address and select events that trigger email notifications, including sync successes, sync failures, and auto-retries for failed syncs. The options to check Sample Data, Send Payload to Webhook, Delete, and Submit provide flexibility in managing and testing webhooks. Once submitted, the webhook will be listed on the Webhooks page, displaying details such as the webhook serial number, associated email, events, last push date, and actions (edit and delete).

Third-Party Services

Under the Third-Party Services section, clients can seamlessly integrate data with popular platforms such as NationBuilder, Salesforce, and WooCommerce. This integration streamlines data exchange and synchronization, facilitating efficient workflows and enhancing overall productivity.

We believe that these enhanced integrations will greatly benefit our clients, providing them with advanced tools to connect and collaborate seamlessly. We encourage you to explore the Integrations tab and use these powerful features.

Thank you for your continued support and valuable feedback. We remain committed to delivering exceptional experiences and continuously improving our platform.

Best regards,
Derek Belfield
Chief Operating Officer, RallyPay



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