Patch Notes: ROR Transactions to Microservice APIs

We are excited to announce an important update regarding our payment processing. As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance security and streamline processes, we have made a significant change: starting immediately, credit card transactions will only be processed internally through the V1 API. This update aims to provide a more secure and efficient experience for our valued users.

About This Release

  1. Transition to V1 API for Credit Card Donations:
    Going forward, all credit card transactions will be processed internally using the V1 API regardless of how our merchants transact on the platform (API V2, JS embeds, hosted pages, etc.). This change ensures a more secure and robust donation process, aligning with industry best practices. By transitioning to the V1 API, we can provide enhanced protection for your customer’s credit card information by passing ALL information through our secure gateway.
  2. Continued Functionality for Token and ACH Donations:
    We want to assure you that this update only affects credit card donations. Token transactions and ACH transactions will continue functioning as before, utilizing the same API. You can still enjoy the convenience and reliability of these transaction methods without any disruption.

At RallyPay, we prioritize the security and integrity of your personal information. The transition to the V1 API for credit card transactions is a crucial step in strengthening our payment processing systems. By utilizing advanced security measures and adhering to industry standards, we can provide you with a more secure and reliable platform for accepting transactions.

Best regards,

Derek Belfield
Chief Operating Officer, RallyPay



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