Release Notes: Enhanced IP Management & Client Owner Approval

We are thrilled to introduce two powerful features that significantly enhance the security and control of your account information. With the latest update, we bring you IP Management and an Owner Approval Workflow, empowering you with enhanced security measures and greater control over your platform.

IP Management: Streamlined Secure Access

We understand the importance of ensuring secure access to our platform. With our new IP Management feature, our administrators can now easily whitelist IP addresses and subnets directly from the admin panel. This streamlined process allows us to manage and maintain a list of trusted IPs, ensuring easier verification of our merchant’s IP addresses.

Here’s what we can do:

  1. Whitelisting IP Addresses: From the admin panel, we can now easily whitelist specific IP addresses. When an IP address is whitelisted, it is automatically added to our secure gateway. This means that traffic originating from the whitelisted IP will bypass our security measures and be allowed through to the platform, providing seamless access to authorized merchants.
  2. Removing Whitelisted IP Addresses: If the need arises, we can also remove previously whitelisted IP addresses directly from the admin panel. When an IP address is removed from the whitelist, it is also removed from the secure gateway. This ensures that access to our platform is granted only to authorized IPs, enhancing overall security.
  3. Whitelisting Subnets: In addition to individual IP addresses, we have introduced the ability to whitelist entire subnets. By entering the subnet details (e.g., 192.168.1) into the admin panel, we can easily whitelist all IPs within that subnet range, from to This feature simplifies the management of trusted IPs and enhances accessibility for authorized users.

Owner Approval Workflow: Empowering Cause Owners

We are also excited to introduce the Owner Approval Workflow, further enhancing the security and control of your account information. With this feature, any changes made to significant owner information or the setting of a new bank account as the default will now require the approval of the cause owner.

Here’s how the Owner Approval Workflow works:

  1. Request Approval and Email Notification: Whenever a modification is made to significant account information, such as changes to personal details or the selection of a new default bank account, an email notification is sent to the cause owner. This ensures that the owner is aware of any updates or changes to their account.
  2. Owner’s Approval Decision: Upon receiving the email notification, the client owner can review the request details and decide whether to approve or reject the changes directly from the email itself. This streamlined process saves time and gives owners quick access to approve or reject requests.
  3. Immediate Update or Revised Submission: If the owner approves the request, the new information is immediately updated in the system. However, if the owner rejects the request, the information remains unchanged, and the user must make the necessary revisions and resubmit the request for approval.

It’s important to note that while users can update their account information directly from the user portal, any changes made will still require approval from the client owner. This ensures that owners maintain full control over any modifications made to their accounts, preventing unauthorized changes and preserving the platform’s integrity.

We believe that these new features significantly enhance the security and control of your account information. By providing streamlined IP Management and introducing the Owner Approval Workflow, we are committed to delivering a platform that empowers you with enhanced security measures and greater control over your data.

If you have any questions or require assistance with these new features, our support team is always here to help. We value your feedback and appreciate your continued trust in our platform as we strive to deliver exceptional security and user experience.

Best regards,

Derek Belfield
Chief Operating Officer, RallyPay



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